Research & Development

Technical developments and changed legal requirements result in new requirements for dedusting technology in terms of air purity and dust properties. That is why we are continuously working on new solutions for clean air.

Further developments

We develop product improvements.


In basic research, we work closely with independent, external institutes.

Individual filter elements

Our engineers develop filter elements with shapes and materials that are individually tailored to your requirements.


We were the first manufacturer to bring the pleated filter panel onto the market. A large number of innovative products continue on this path to this day. In the interplay of research, experience and creativity, we are constantly working on the implementation of innovative solutions for air and dust filtration.


Patent for pleated filter panel

With the development of the first pleated filter panel for dust filtration R + B Filter offers an innovative product in a compressed design with a much larger filter surface compared to pocket filters.


Further development of cartridges

In the 1990s we brought new types of filter cartridges onto the market: Our Ecotex filter cartridge with bayonet system allows easy assembly by turning it through 120 ° C. The Multicell filter cartridge enables dust filtration through 2 chambers. The long filter cartridge Plitex 3000 is used as a pleated replacement for filter hoses. It is screwed in with an Rd 100 thread.



2005 R + B Filter Manufacturing was founded in Vadodara, India to serve the Asian markets. In 2009 we started the production of dust filter cartridges there. We are also growing in Germany, which is why the buildings in Langenbrettach were expanded in 2020.

R + B Filter GmbH

Bössingerstraße 34
74243 Langenbrettach-Langenbeutingen