Filter Elements for Oil Mist, Emulsion Mist and Aerosols

  • Excellent degree of separation
  • Extremely large storage capacity
  • Low filter pressure loss
  • Compact design
  • Long service life
  • Replaceable pre-filter


Separation of liquid particles from the air, which arise in machining processes, using the coalescence principle.

CNC machining centers

During machining, oil mist or oil smoke occurs in very different concentrations and with very different particle sizes. Our filter elements separate the entire range according to the coalescence principle.


Vapors and fumes released during the hardening of metals are completely separated out to keep the air in the work area clean.

Metal forming

Efficient separation of coolants and lubricants, which evaporate as oil mist when metals are formed, to protect the health of employees.

Wire drawing

The high degree of separation of our filter elements ensures the separation of even very fine particles.

For the filtration of oil mist, emulsion mist and aerosols R + B Filter supplies pleated filter cartridges and pleated filter cassettes. They are storage filter elements with a filter medium specially developed for these applications.

A removable coarse filter serves as a pre-filter. This is where most of the particles are stored. The remaining particles are stored in the fine filter.

  • Multi-stage: specially developed for separating liquid particles
  • High absorption capacity thanks to several filter levels
  • Degree of separation of 99% for particles with a size of 1 to 2,5 μm


  • Design: filter cartridges or filter cassettes
  • All standard dimensions and mounting systems can be selected
  • Maximum operating temperature 80 ° C
  • Metal parts aluminum, galvanized steel

Special designs

  • Maximum operating temperature 100 ° C
  • Metal parts: stainless steel

Dimensions of Filter Cartridges

Length L
Filter area
380 633 9,5 13 216 300
390 1033 15,0 13 216 300
500 633 10,5 13 268 475
500 1033 18,0 13 268 475

Technical changes reserved.

In addition to our standard dimensions, we also manufacture customer-specific sizes.

More products

In addition to filter cartridges, you can also use our filter cassettes for the filtration of oil and emulsion mist as well as aerosols.

Filter Cassettes

Due to their compact design, filter cassettes made by R + B Filter enable a low overall height of your dust collector.

Installation: vertical or horizontal
Low pressure loss
Easy to assemble

We implement your requirements

Are you looking for a solution for a new area of ​​application in dedusting or do you have unusual operating conditions? Our technicians and engineers are happy to develop your individual solution!

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