Highly flexible Technology and motivated Staff –
The prerequisite for Quality and Reliability

We have the very latest high-per­formance machinery to manufacture our unparalleled range of filter elements. Besides technological competence, our extensive supply range also calls for a particularly high degree of flexibility. Our members of staff in goods receiving, in production and in dispatch are optimally equipped for this. They know: despite variable manufacturing conditions, delivery dates have to be adhered to.

A requirement for the production of filter elements made of very different materials is the quick and simple refitting of the manufacturing plants. This enables us to provide our customers with exactly the dust filter they need for a specific application at a fair price and with short delivery times.

Each of our manufacturing steps is subject to defined quality norms. All levels are transparent and retraceable due to transparent documentation processes.

Beside our wide range of filter cartridges accommodating all standard fastening systems, we also produce pleated filter panels and cleanable filter cassettes in various sizes.

We can produce filter cartridges and panels made of food-suitable materials.

Filter elements for hot gas filtration up to 450 °C are produced in a special dedicated department.