Filter elements
for air and dust filtration

R + B Filter offers individual solutions für air and dust filtration.

Our range comprises the widest range of pleated filter cartridges, filter panels und filter cassettes for the air and dust filtration.- many of them are patented.

Our skilled personnel supports you with the development of technical solutions, which guarantee optimum performance of your dust collectors, within shortest possible time.

The dynamics of technical developments involves continuously changing requirements for filtration equipment. This is why we are working continuously to develop new solutions for clean air.

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Application examples


Dust Filter Cartridges

The classic product for raw and clean gas side install­ation, 115 to 327 mm dia­meter, usable up to 80 °C and 140 °C ...

PfeilDust Filter Cartridges

Filter Elements for Hot Gas Filtration

Specially engineered for high temperatures up to 450 ° C, depending on application equipped with needle felts or stainless steel ...

PfeilFilter Elements for Hot Gas Filtration

Dust Filter Panels

Pleated filter panels designed for high concentrations of dust, suitable for the most varied forms of application up to 60 °C and 100 °C ...

PfeilDust Filter Panels

Dust Filter Cassettes

Ensures for low construction height of the filtration system. Can be installed horizontally or vertically, possibility to install on the clean or raw gas side ...

PfeilDust Filter Cassettes

Filter Elements for Food Contact
Filter for Oil and Emulsion Mist

Pleated filter cartridges or panels for the filtration of oil and emulsion mist or aerosols, available in standard sizes ...

PfeilFilter Elements for Oil and Emulsion Mist